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There is a single pair of tall, sharply pointed, lingually curving lateral cusplets.
Lower anterior teeth have a tall, rather narrow, lingually curving, slightly sigmoidal crown.
The Naber's probe or the Furcation probe is a blunt ended instrument that is used buccally and lingually on the periodontal structure to locate possible furcation involvement.
The Thomomys upper molar has a unique, grooved dentine tract lingually, whereas the lower molar has the grooved tract located labially (Fig.
Large mucoperiosteal flaps were elevated both bucally and lingually, until the lesion was well exposed.
Talon is a cusp-like structure that projects lingually and incisally from the cingular area of maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth in a way that the tooth shape resembles the letters "T" or "Y".
Loss of this canine movement could cause the mandibular permanent lateral incisor to be blocked lingually or to be forced to erupt ectopically against the primary canine roots causing its premature loss.