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John & Worthen 1875) but differ from the latter in the oval, more extended lingually base.
990; Table I; Figure 2f) is not anteriorly projected and lacks a meta-entoconid fold; metaconid smaller than ml metaconid and is covered by the lingual enamel band, which is going to the anterobuccal hypoconid edge; ento-hypoconid fold reflected 85[degrees] anteromesialy; hypoconid buccolingually broad, looks like a trigonid size; anterior facet of trigonid convex; lingual enamel band extends between metaconid to anterolingual side of hypoconid, without covering it totally; buccal enamel fold deeper; buccal enamel band covering the anteromesial protoconid facet through posteromesial hypoconulid facet; hypoconid lingually projected; buccal enamel broader than lingual enamel.
Teeth in upper jaw of adult male holotype small, similar in shape, cusps more or less subequal to their base length; those at symphysis barely larger than those laterally, directed lingually, with long acute to bluntly pointed cusps, slightly less oblique than those posterolaterally.
Completing the cast of characters in Renfrew's story is Iurii Tynianov, undoubtedly the best of all the Formalists, here nobly rescued from relative obscurity--or dubious fame as co-inspiring with Roman Jakobson the imperializing Saussurean systematism of the Structuralist aftermath--and held up as a key proponent of the view that the 'life' to which the literary relates is never other than lingually instantiated in mutable though relatively stable forms of script or speech.
In the second case, that of a mediated encounter, actions are governed by how other people's behavior reacted to those events, and from that reaction what they passed along lingually.
Dreaming activity is lingually expressed by the noun adjunct wuoce, meaning dream, and a classificatory verb which predicates the action seeing/looking.
Anterior teeth have a tall, narrow, lingually curving cusp that is flanked by a pair of long, oblique enameloid shoulders.
If the object in question moves in the same direction as the tube head shift, the object is located lingually.
A well-developed and beaded (where unworn) anterior cingulum is present, extending lingually from near the midline and terminating near the base of the protocone.
103) With each enlargement, the Community will grow, not only in size, but also in diversity, lingually and culturally, an d in complexity, with some states integrating more closely than others.
In the premolars (P), P3 is more square than P4; viewed lingually, their occlusal surfaces are angled in opposite directions.