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During the school year 2015-16 at third grade, 998 children (13 per cent) were identified with a high probability of becoming linguistically illiterate and 1,102 children (14.
This article addresses a number of practical suggestions for engaging linguistically diverse families in classroom activities using the family's home language.
The realms of research have only generically addressed meeting the language learning needs of linguistically diverse and atypical populations.
Teaching linguistically diverse students is not an exclusive responsibility of English as a Second Language (ESL) (1) teachers but is instead a responsibility of all teachers with linguistically diverse students in their classrooms (Lucas & Grinberg, 2008).
Sawm (fasting) linguistically means to refrain, and in the Sharee'ah it means to refrain from what breaks the fast, like food, drinks and physical intercourse from dawn to sunset.
Cllr Davies said if a choice to close a school had to be made, he backed closing Llanddona with the pupils coming to Llangoed as culturally and linguistically they are: "very similar.
Nurses can provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care for Hispanic patients by including the family members in the plan of care, using Spanish interpreters, and providing patient education in Spanish (Maddalena, 2009).
Negative consequences, such as feelings of being insulted or being treated rudely, fear of contacting the health care provider or health center, or confusion about appointments or treatments, may result when the front desk fails to use culturally and linguistically competent practices.
With this in mind, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms examines the consequences of this trend, which has often resulted in multilingual learners who do not share the dominant first language of their communities becoming marginalized and subsequently not achieving their educational goals.
Over the past several years, the number of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are educated in America's classrooms has increased tremendously.
Three years later, little attention, if any, has focused on the concept of racially, culturally, and linguistically (RCL) responsive research.
lvl=2&lvlID=15) of culturally and linguistically appropriate services mandates, guidelines, and recommendations to guide practices related to culturally and linguistically appropriate health services.