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definition indicates that link rot is "the tendency of hyperlinks
of web material fall prey to link rot, a 2003 study showed that
today, link rot is being studied extensively, but the study of its
The DOI System and institutional repositories are two solutions that can be used to minimize the problem of link rot and increase the discoverability of resources.
For example, when institutional repositories are used only for historical resources, not current resources, the problem of link rot is perpetuated.
Finally, if you create content for the web, be part of the solution to link rot rather than exacerbating the problem.
cc has been developed by the three authors of the draft study on link rot in Supreme Court opinions.
Studies on the rate of link rot and reference rot are increasing.
61) The Courts of Appeals has the least link rot with 36.
66) As a whole, the data show an upward trajectory of link rot with the passage of time.