link together

References in classic literature ?
will complete and link together the notions, as yet disjointed, which the world entertains of African cartology"
Ferguson, who, by his incredible attempt, was to link together the achievements of all these explorers, and complete the series of African discovery.
Thus was celebrated the inauguration of this great railroad, a mighty instrument of progress and civilisation, thrown across the desert, and destined to link together cities and towns which do not yet exist.
1 : to join or link together <connect two wires> <A hallway connects the two rooms.
Clearly there is another mechanism that warrants further study, but it is believed that homocysteine may interfere with the collagen molecules that link together to provide a strong "matrix" for calcium to sit in healthy bones.
The STICO mission is to link together SMEs and large corporations to increase business opportunities.
Exactly how these proteins link together to give the material, called byssus, its strength has remained unclear.
It is actually a series of poems, each with a title, but the poems link together to tell a longer narrative.
The particles link together to form strands or webs that give the liquid a semisolid consistency.
The French researchers shine light on the building blocks of a polymer, causing them to link together.