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Even more concerning, there is a paucity of regulation on PII, direct or linkable.
Consumers love meaningful deals, and Linkable has put our member banks in a position to enhance their brand and be that source of value to their customers.
TV include the variety of images (computer-generated models, photographs, MRIs), ability to manipulate the models 360 degrees to view from all sides, ability to peel back the layers of the images, movies showing movement, and linkable graphics (ability to link out on the dissection photographs to reveal the terminology).
The company said that Linkables allow advertisers to link-enable any advertisement in any online or traditional media, providing consumers with a quick and seamless savings experience by linking retail discounts they see in a banner, text, video, mobile, TV and print ads directly to their credit or debit card of choice.
With linkable worms that sink to the bottom, there are many ways to play this game.
Pages can be set to edit, comment or read-only mode, and are indexed, linkable, searchable and taggable.
They are UV cross linkable acrylate hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives.
The linkable puzzle shaped rug pieces fit together to create any desired size area rug.
ARLO articles are searchable and linkable through the Scitation platform of the American Institute of Physics (AIP), which publishes and archives articles for ASA" (http://scitation.
Both NARI and the Remodelors Council also provide members with linkable logos they can place on their own Web sites.
The report draws two central conclusions: (a) there is a need for more comprehensive and linkable hospital discharge databases, and (b) state-wide data organizations need greater support as they develop their abilities in advanced analysis and reporting.
Shemoi also carries fluorescent fixtures in T4 and T5 slim linkable types.