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Positive rating action on the parent, provided that the linkages between CSC and DSC remain intact.
In the literature, the most commonly implemented linkage types for agglomerative hierarchical clustering are single linkage [10-11], complete linkage [12-13], average linkage [14] and centroid linkage [1].
We expect that these markers and the linkage maps would be valuable for identifying markers associated with important traits of interest and improving the breeding efficiency in this important orchid.
Multiple main landing gear linkages were found broken and the right main gear lower side brace was broken and bent.
To determine linkage disequilibrium in relation to the physical distance between markers, marker pairs were divided into distance bins.
Feeling others' emotions could be particularly beneficial in competitive settings: the linkage may enable one to better anticipate the actions of opponents.
The Emirates ID statement pointed out that the strategy of electronic linkage with the UAE government entities, 2012-2015, would contribute to streamlining government services, easing transactions and procedures, reducing costs, minimising paper consumption and providing ID management services to the UAE federal and local government organisations through engineering a range of flexible services that can be developed and harmonised.
EIDA releases booklet "Online Linkage with Govt Entities"
Make sure to spray the linkage at every scheduled service.
The issues include the plan of the land linkage among Arab countries, the railway linkage and the project of the Arab sea linkage.
8 September 2011 - US molecular diagnostics firm Linkage Biosciences Inc said today it has secured USD2.