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Adebayo, represented by Mr Olajide Bamidele, the Deputy Director, Investment Promotion department said the ministry, through NIPC and SMEDAN played an intermediary role in a comprehensive approach for promotion of sustainable business linkages.
Customers using Solution Linkage can connect autonomous equipment from multiple vendors into existing fleet management and operations infrastructure.
Pairs of closely related sequences formed molecular linkages, and a group of [greater than or equal to] 2 linked sequences was considered a molecular cluster; these procedures are described elsewhere (1,6).
The coal ministry in May 2017 had introduced SHAKTI to ensure coal linkage to power producers based on an auction or tariff-based bidding.
(1) There is no significant relationship between researchers and extension agents regarding the implemented linkage mechanisms.
Implementation strategy and targets : The proposed rationalization of linkages is transparent, objective and creates a level playing field for IPPs in each domain.
Structural synthesis of planar geared linkage mechanism as multi-body systems, New Advances in Mechanisms, Mechanical Transmissions and Robotics, Mechanisms and Machine Science 46, Springer: 99-106.
Some studies have been proposed and applied different linkage criterion such as Ward's linkage [17], minimax linkage [18] and Genie linkage [19].
Where, (n=1, 2, 3...), Fourier coefficients [a.sup.m.sub.n] and [b.sup.m.sub.n] mean the cosine component and sinusoidal component of d-axis flux linkage in the m-th working points, and T = 2[pi].
Equation 4 Impact of Trade and Financial Linkage with Canada on Business Cycle in India where,
For example, the method has been utilized successfully to construct linkage maps in agronomic crops such as peanut (Hong et al., 2008) and sweetpotato (Kriegner et al., 2003), ornamental plants such as wintersweet (Chen and Chen, 2010) and dendrobium (Xue et al., 2010), and tree species such as pistacia (Turkeli and Kafkas, 2013) and Eucommia ulmoides (Wang et al., 2014).