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O'Learys of are lionised able to millions There is a wind of change blowing and across the water where even Conservatives are calling for the privatised railways to be re-nationalised because they are more inefficient and expensive than when they were publicly owned.
But unlike Luis Suarez, he is lionised while the Liverpool striker is demonised.
He was lionised for victory in World War Two, but let's not forget Gallipoli in World War One and the slaughter of thousands of men because of the charge of a pig-headed glory hunter.
I can't say I'm much moved by the disruption of the torch's progress anyway though; as a spectacle it doesn't amount to much and it is a tradition that only dates back to the Olympics in Berlin in 1936 when the Nazis were lionised in the film by Leni Riefenstahl.
Stand-off Kevin Brown is, quite rightly, being lionised for sparking the Giants with his electric play.
Some have even been lionised in various artistic quarters and seen their work elevated to almost high culture, available for sale as artwork or featuring on T-shirts.
Yet, this very week, this unsavoury woman is lionised by Sir Philip Green, millionaire boss of Top Shop, who is paying her pounds 3 million to be the face of his empire.
We either glorify it (remember bleary-eyed cricketer Andrew Flint-off being lionised for his day and night session after the Ashes victory) or when constant binge-drinking stumbles into something worse, we regard the alcoholic as a victim doing battle with a demon he cannot control.
Loved within England, hated in Germany, and lionised in Azerbaijan.