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It's not the first time it's happened to me lately, and I confess that once conversation starts heading in that direction, my eyes usually glaze over and my mind wanders as the folks around me lionize and criticize the likes of Frodo, Gollum, and Legolas.
"This is the message we want to send to the two major parties--that you can no longer ignore us." Off the record, some of his staff said they wished Gore would win, because with a Republican victory and less than 5 percent for Nader, the Democrats are sure to lionize Gore and dismiss the Greens.
"A hundred years later, letters to the editor commenting on the anti-trust suit against Microsoft suggest that Bill Gates is the hero of the hour.Just as Casey Jones's contemporaries would rather lionize than vilify him, even had they known of his penchant for recklessness, so is Gates admired as a bold individualist who brought benefit to millions by helping make the internet accessible to the masses.
The victory heartened the stable ahead of Lionize's bid for today's Worthington Lincoln.
Stablemate Lionize could complete the double in today's Worthington Lincoln.
Latest Hills betting: 10-1 Right Wing, Solar Storm, 12-1 Gulf Shaadi, Rock Falcon, 16-1 Consort, Farmost, Lionize
Just as mapmakers since the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall have been frustrated by the emergence of so many "new" nations altering existing political boundaries, it has become expedient for business thinkers to advocate the abolition of organizational hierarchies and to lionize the flat organization.
Stop trying to Luonize (Correct Spelling Lionize) Maragolis.
CUTLINE: (1) The reggae-infused band Lionize headlines this year's Open Road Festival.
Toronto -- The media continue to extoll and lionize politically correct--but morally bankrupt--public figures, most prominent among them the ever-ubiquitous Stephen Lewis.
He sidesteps the pitfalls inherent in trying to lionize Chavez the man by focusing instead on the effects his government has had on how poor Venezuelans relate to politics.
"All of the things you and I might lionize as tradition came out of innovation," says Hitchner.