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The most lionized politician in their book is Brian Schweitzer, the moderate governor of Montana who picked a Republican running mate in his successful 2004 run.
While foreign investors, political leaders, and journalists lionized Salinas as a "neoliberal," in Mexico over two hundred PRD militantes were murdered during his rule.
The film is adapted from John Fante's 1939 novel, which is lionized by hipsters like Towne and Charles Bukowski.
He was happy there, lionized as a scientist, writer, diplomat, philosopher, and wit.
Already lionized by the Romanow Royal Commission as Canada's "best kept secret" in community-based health care delivery, Sault Ste.
He was both trivial and commanding, dismissed by the serious minded and lionized by those who considered partying an art form.
To his enormous credit, Yeh succeeds: He revisits lionized companies--how many management books don't talk about Dell or Wal-Mart?
In an instant," says Ranstorp, "you are propelled from being no one to someone who is glorified and lionized with poems, and you live on in this historical chain of heroic martyrs, being remembered and saluted far longer than if you had not undertaken this kind of operation.
He's been rather lionized for his staunch criticism of the Pentagon war plan in Iraq, but his contextual history was missing from almost everything I'd read (and heard) about him.
Not exactly the same treatment Trent Lott received when he lionized the party's senile scholar of racial segregation, Strom Thurmond.
In his day, Roig was lionized as the composer of the famous song "Quiereme mucho," which the company performed as an encore and invited the audience to sing along.
It says a great deal about the current state of our nation that McCarthy is vilified and FDR lionized.