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Khan is still lionized as the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb and there is widespread belief that he was the fall guy for a larger conspiracy to smuggle nuclear technology.
Then--the book's wrong half--in language that will get him lionized at school-establishment conferences (and, perhaps, speaking fees to rival Jonathan Kozol's), he takes out after testing and standards and government programs like No Child Left Behind that emphasize such things.
To deal with competitive threats, some management gurus say today's executives need help from history's most lionized military tactician: Sun Tzu.
Since his return from Iraq, Loney has found himself lionized and at the receiving end of invitations to speak at various conferences.
Shamelessly, Snow repeatedly invoked 9/11, lacing his words with innuendo of Bush's divine intervention, such as the "miracle" of his appearance at Ground Zero on 9/14, his "fighting evil and professing good," or that the United States has "reinvented the world" post-9/11, and "given people the capacity to form big dreams and live them." While standing on the stage that later would be occupied by Ann Coulter, and where other conference speakers said things like "the ultimate child abuse is placing a child in a gay home" or that conservative activists need to "confront" and "neutralize" the press, and where Rush Limbaugh was repeatedly lionized, Snow had the audacity to talk about "decency" "civility" and "humility."
The most lionized politician in their book is Brian Schweitzer, the moderate governor of Montana who picked a Republican running mate in his successful 2004 run.
While foreign investors, political leaders, and journalists lionized Salinas as a "neoliberal," in Mexico over two hundred PRD militantes were murdered during his rule.
Rather, as traditional Christianity teaches, "Hate the sin, love the sinner." Although Coulter is certainly a blight on conservatism and should be marginalized (not lionized) by conservatives, I pray for her repentance and redemption, and for the healing of her heart and mind, soul and spirit.
He was happy there, lionized as a scientist, writer, diplomat, philosopher, and wit.
Already lionized by the Romanow Royal Commission as Canada's "best kept secret" in community-based health care delivery, Sault Ste.
He was both trivial and commanding, dismissed by the serious minded and lionized by those who considered partying an art form.
To his enormous credit, Yeh succeeds: He revisits lionized companies--how many management books don't talk about Dell or Wal-Mart?--and by interviewing executives and distilling their methods, gives us a new way to view and measure their success.