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Participants were able to lip-read video clips of themselves consistently and more accurately than video clips of others.
Learning to lip-read is a great way of building up confidence and will help you to cope with some of those awkward situations that make you feel anxious.
Dr Lewkowicz went a step further, wondering whether babies look to the lips for cues as well, sort of like how adults lip-read to decipher what someone's saying at a noisy party.
Remember that God can lip-read and see into your heart, too.
They said they had lip-read Finnan shouting abuse at the United player.
If she could lip-read I think she would have understood
It's occasionally amusing, particularly when Frankie tries to learn to lip-read, but it's mostly rubbish.
They wrote messages, mouthed words and I tried to lip-read, but I sensed their exasperation.
This tribute to HAL describes the state of computer science relative to HAL's prophecy of machines that lip-read, recognize and synthesize speech, reason, and interact with humans.
Sent to boarding school at age 4, he quickly picked up sign language, and even began to lip-read Italian by spending weekends with his grandmother.