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Throughout the Great Lakes, pitching lipless crankbaits like the Rattlin' Rapala or Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap parallel to the rocky edges of piers and seawalls is a popular way to target walleyes herding shad and other baitfish against these manmade structures.
I caught three fish in six casts on a red lipless crankbait.
Chutes Too Narrow leads off with "Kissing the Lipless," spare handclaps and two acoustic guitars churning tentatively before blasting into high octane rock and back, "You tested your metal of doe's skin and petals while kissing lipless who bleed all the sweetness away.
In Hannibal, their paths cross again when Lecter is hunted down by one of his former victims - noseless, lipless child molester Mason Verger, played by Gary Oldman, who wants to feed him alive to flesh-eating pigs.
But like that moment in the horror movie when the earth on the grave begins to heave we know that Hamilton The Undead, he of the hooded, staring eyes, the lipless mouth and the facial twitch that reveals the flaw in the wiring, will walk again.
It opens with an invocation, "O ruined father dead, long sweetly rotten/Under the dial, the time-dissolving urn," and it closes with a summing-up couplet, "Let sons learn from their lipless fathers how/Man enters hell without a golden bough.
If you find the fish hanging on deeper water structure, try a lipless crankbait such as a blue back Rat L Trap or Rapala Shad Rap.
He said most of his fish came on a lipless crankbait, although he did throw a jig a few times.
Rhys laughed a hideous laugh, hollow as the tree, and reached out to kiss the lipless skull of his beloved .