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Actually Madame Amphoux's liqueurs, which they only serve at the four church festivals
The faithful servant espoused his mistress's disappointment; he divined it, and he promptly carried away the liqueurs of Madame Amphoux, which were offered to a bachelor, and not to the husband of a Russian woman.
They went into the town and asked for two glasses of liqueur, at the counter -- as their friends must have done before them.
At first her complacency disturbed me, but gradually it became part of my life at two o'clock with the coffee, the cigarette, and the liqueur.
The little party trooped out of the restaurant and made their way to a corner of the lounge, where tables had already been prepared with coffee and liqueurs.
The curtained windows clouded the Break of Day, but it seemed light and warm, and it announced in legible inscriptions with appropriate pictorial embellishment of billiard cue and ball, that at the Break of Day one could play billiards; that there one could find meat, drink, and lodgings, whether one came on horseback, or came on foot; and that it kept good wines, liqueurs, and brandy.
Admittedly they're not industry experts, but girls who love a creamy liqueur - especially at Christmas.
We're not industry experts but we're typical girlies who love a creamy liqueur especially at Christmas.
The liqueur, with its distinctive green colour, contains mint, cacao and secret ingredients fused with alcohol and sugars, said Mr Pennington.
A spicy cocktail component, the all-natural liqueur is handmade from Peruvian and Chinese ginger roots, which are processed, aged with neutral cane spirits, pressed, and then mixed with sugar and water.
While amaros are a great way to end a meal, offerings from the liqueur category can be a part of a diner's entire evening, says Devon's Marti.