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GALLON, measures. A gallon is a liquid measure, containing two hundred and thirty-one cubic inches, or four quarts.

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2 million liquid gallon storage tanks and 200,000 gallon capacity mixing tanks which will add to the company's ability to fill proprietary and custom orders for a variety of products and customers.
Due to slightly varying concentrations, the bid price shall be on a per liquid gallon basis
Tenders are invited for 225,000 gallons sodium hypochlroite; 90 ton hydrofluosilic acid; 73,000 gallons sodium hypochlroite; 52 tons hydrofluosilic acid; 60,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 68 tons hydrofluosilic acid; 468 dry tons ferric chloride; 80,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 45,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 66,000 liquid gallons ferric chloride; 60,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 10 tons hydrofluosilic acid; 27 liquid tons ferric chloride; 170 dry ton ferric chloride; 580 wet tons sodium hypochlorite; 32,000 lbs sodium hypochlorite; 61 dry tons ferric chloride.