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To pay and settle the amount of a debt; to convert assets to cash; to aggregate the assets of an insolvent enterprise and calculate its liabilities in order to settle with the debtors and the creditors and apportion the remaining assets, if any, among the stockholders or owners of the corporation.

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v. to sell the assets of a business, paying bills and dividing the remainder among shareholders, partners or other investors. (See: wind up)

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Unfortunately, the low liquidate minus High liquidate portfolio (formed based on the past 1-week return) yielded significant returns for only the holding period of 1 week.
TonenGeneral said it has decided to liquidate the insurance subsidiary because it is unable to benefit from a difference in insurance premiums between Japan and Ireland due to the deregulation of Japan's insurance industry.
Here, the shareholders should liquidate the corporate since the extra corporate tax on income more than offsets the effect of their own tax on the gain on the liquidating distribution.
Only 13 other agencies were able to partially liquidate the DILG's fund transfers.
He indicated that he would not mind if price of pithead coal was reduced to liquidate the stock, but added that he does not want to intervene in the pricing decision of CIL.
Spain-based Banco Santander (SAN.MC) is looking to liquidate its property investment vehicle.
Grounds for liquidation of a legal person may only be the following: 1) resolution by members of a legal person to terminate the activities of a legal person has been passed; 2) the court or the creditor's meeting has passed a decision to liquidate a bankrupt legal person; 3) the court has passed a judgement to liquidate a legal person; 4) the term of the legal person has expired; 5) the number of members of a legal person has decreased more than the permitted minimum prescribed by law, where a member of a legal person fails to pass a decision within six months following the decrease to reorganise or restructure a legal person; 6) incorporation of a legal person has been declared invalid subject to the provisions of Article 2.114 of the Civil Code.
After numerous disagreements, Collins and the managing partner decided to liquidate the partnership.
Clarion Co., a leading maker of car audio equipment, said Thursday it will liquidate its subsidiary Clarion Electronics (Singapore) Pte.
said Monday it will liquidate its loss-making Coco Mart supermarket unit in Okinawa next February and close another Daiei store in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture, in December.
In addition, it could argue that the liquidate damages also do not meet the Burke standard.
by signing an order to liquidate the state's last surviving black-owned insurance company.