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Then the scales fell from the eyes of the Seven, and one said, Alas, that we drank of the curious liquors.
Taxila police apprehended Zahid and recovered 25 liters liquor while 20 liters liquor was also recovered from the possession of Mohsin and 10 bottles of liquor from Tanveer.
Sadiqabad police also recovered 10 liters liquor from the possession of Zahid while five liters liquor from Daniyal.
The police unearthed the distillery he was running at home and recovered 10 litres of liquor from his possession.
Passing legislation to re-establish an NT Liquor Commission
But when the Oregon Liquor Control Commission last year put out a request for new liquor store operators, a Eugene grocery store saw an opportunity to expand.
Patna (Bihar) [India], September 1 ( ANI ): Following Supreme Court's order to destroy liquor bottles, officials in Bihar on Friday drained at least one lakh litre of liquor in a pit near crop field in Vaishali.
Thiruvananthapuram: Easing curbs on liquor consumption has always been a major political risk in Kerala, but the Left Democratic Front government's decision to enhance liquor availability has earned it a political gain it had least expected.
Sale of liquor in one canteen in Una, Himachal Pradesh and two in Punjab's Basrat and Saharghat were closed as they were located within the 500 metre radius.
The police said that a case was registered 15 days ago against the accused after 250 liters of liquor was recovered from his possession.
Yet, as imbibers who visit other states know, the Centennial State does not have the corner on the market for complicated liquor laws and distribution systems.
Adding solar to the already impressive building will provide Liquor Mart with tremendous energy savings beyond what is already realized.