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Examination of the body (he said) didn't prove it; and witnesses didn't prove it; but he thought it, nevertheless, quite possible, in some cases, that, when the woman could bear it no longer, she sometimes took a damp towel, and waited till the husband (drugged with his own liquor) was sunk in his sleep, and then put the towel over his nose and mouth, and ended it that way without any body being the wiser.
As long as my liquor lasted he stopped; when it was gone, he went away.
Then the scales fell from the eyes of the Seven, and one said, Alas, that we drank of the curious liquors. They have made us weary, and in dreamless sleep these two long centuries have we lain.
Grocers and other retailers resent the state's monopoly on a high-value, high-margin product and would like hard liquor to be sold in much the same fashion as beer and wine.
On July 20, the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board approved a permit for Wal-Mart to sell liquor from a storefront sharing a wall with the new Sam's Club it plans to build on the southwest corner of Arkansas Highway 112 and Interstate 540.
According to a spokesman, New Town police rounded up Rashid, Naheed and Aqeel and recovered 1520 grams of charas and 40 liter of liquor, Kotli Sattian police held Waqar with 340 grams of charas, Ratta Amral Police apprehended Zeeshan, Jibran and Danayal and seized 30 liter of liquor, Perwadhai police arrested Imran with 20 liter of liquor, Cantt police arrested Tanveer for having 5 liter of liquor, Race Course police arrested Azhar with 5 liter of liquor while Air port police arrested Saqib for having with 5 liter of liquor.
Held on Sunday, the joint operation was conducted by the National Liquor Authority (NLA) of the dti, the South African Police Service (SAPS), Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (Ledet) and the Limpopo Liquor Board.
Accordingly, the possession, transportation, storing and the sale of imported liquor is illegal unless this new sticker is affixed on containers of foreign liquor.
A press release from the ministry says official trading hours as stipulated by both the 2018 Liquor (Amendment) regulations as well as the Traditional Beer (Amendment) regulations, will prevail during President's day holidays on July 15-16 as follows:
On Friday, police seized an ambulance that was transporting 33 cartons of foreign liquor, sirens blaring and with the emergency light on, in a bid to mislead cops.
[USPRwire, Wed Jun 26 2019] In order to dissert the market scenario prevailing across the cocoa liquor market sector, FactMR has evenly presented a comprehensive market analysis to its extensive online repository.
The group also wants the government to cancel all liquor licences issued to sundry stores.