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Staff at St Vincent's Hospital in South Dublin were shocked to discover the patient's symptoms had been brought on by her sweet tooth for liquorice.
Liquorice is also recorded as 'National Venerable Master' which plays paradoxical roles, i.
Liquorice, which was founded nearly a decade ago by CEO Miles Murphy, will become part of DigitasLBi's Middle East & Africa region, led by Anil Pillai, who has been appointed in the newly created role of Chief Executive, UK, Middle East & Africa.
In Britain, the historic home of liquorice is Pontefract, West Yorkshire, where it is thought to have been introduced by returning crusaders or monks in the 14th century.
I discovered his secret passion in the book Liquorice by Briony Hudson and Richard Van Riel, which is published by Wakefield District Council at pounds 3.
Team leader Dr Raymond Harris said: "We found that a chemical component of liquorice may offer a new approach to preventing it, without the adverse side effects of other preventative therapies.
The colourful Bon Bons, macho gobstoppers, sexy liquorice, slinky knicker bocker glory and sickly sherbert are appearing in Matthew Bourne's production which opened yesterday at the theatre in Hurst Street.
They've obviously spent several sleepless nights trying to come up with an array of ideas for liquorice based products to showcase.
The company is building on the popularity of Giant Strawbs--HARIBO's best selling countline--with the launch of Giant Apples, a fruit-flavoured, soft gum countline, and Liquorice Twists, a new bag line.
Harrogate, UK, September 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The suggestion that consumption of liquorice might lead to a reduction in testosterone levels in men is controversial.
Life is sweet for 10-year-old Annah Deuchar of Kent who was wearing a crown of liquorice allsorts for Children's Day.
London, Mar 30 (ANI): Liquorice, a confectionery flavoured with the extract of the roots of the liquorice plant, may help prevent bowel cancer, a new study has found.