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Stiggins--'if there is any one of them less odious than another, it is the liquor called rum.
Was he awake or dreaming, or was this some trick of liquor in his often distorted fancy?
I offered the woman food and liquor, but she refused both.
Then nothing but liquor had been found; there would have been a great powwow if it had been the gold.
Keep your liquor in the name of all the devils, and leave me to myself
Passepartout felt himself yielding more and more to the effects of the liquor.
Then he felt and felt again the contents of the tankard he held in his hand; and, instead of the lively liquor expected by Blaisois and Musqueton, he found beneath his fingers the grains of some coarse powder.
As the liquor diffused a pleasant perfume, the old people doubted not that it possessed cordial and comfortable properties; and though utter sceptics as to its rejuvenescent power, they were inclined to swallow it at once.
Moti Guj never trampled the life out of Deesa on these occasions, for he knew that after the beating was over, Deesa would embrace his trunk and weep and call him his love and his life and the liver of his soul, and give him some liquor.
He is a very temperate man, and you could not fancy him in liquor last night?
He was in the English hospital for seven weeks, and when he came out they told him his only chance was to give up liquor.
Mental exhaustion did not produce a craving for liquor such as physical exhaustion did, and he had felt no need for it.