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Then the scales fell from the eyes of the Seven, and one said, Alas, that we drank of the curious liquors.
In my town house, in Oakland, I finished the stock of liquor and wilfully refused to purchase more.
Before putting his lips to the liquor which was brought for them, Dennis drank in a loud voice the health of Lord George Gordon, President of the Great Protestant Association; which toast Hugh pledged likewise, with corresponding enthusiasm.
Then nothing but liquor had been found; there would have been a great powwow if it had been the gold.
Keep your liquor in the name of all the devils, and leave me to myself
The liquor, if it really possessed such virtues as Dr.
Again he filled their glasses with the liquor of youth, enough of which still remained in the vase to turn half the old people in the city to the age of their own grandchildren.
He requires to be kept from liquor, as other madmen require to be kept from attempting their own lives, or the lives of those about them.
I offered the woman food and liquor, but she refused both.
Passepartout felt himself yielding more and more to the effects of the liquor.
Moti Guj never trampled the life out of Deesa on these occasions, for he knew that after the beating was over, Deesa would embrace his trunk and weep and call him his love and his life and the liver of his soul, and give him some liquor.
Liberality in the matter of liquor and small loans, reconciled a large proportion of the objectors to their fate; the sulky minority I treated with contempt, and scourged avengingly with the smart lash of caricature.