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Sashaying down the ramp in some eye-catching inner wear, lissom international models turned on the heat by showcasing some of the spectacular designs by Indian designers from their collection of Spring-Summer season.
She was so light and lissom, fleet of foot; Her slender body had a sapling's grace.
At first we encounter the tortured obsession of the speaker with the young object of desire: 'Til tell you what they think: you're too old to be / shaken by such a lissom young woman, to need her / in spite of your scarred trunk and trembling hand, / your head rustles with thoughts of her like the cedar / in March, you blaze in her praise like a sea-almond, / the crab scrawls your letters then hides them, / certain that she would never understand.
BALLERINA - NICOLE KIDMAN/ AUDREY HEPBURN BALLERINA - NICOLE KIDMAN/ AUDREY HEPBURN Ballerinas are lithe, lissom and elegant with a tiny waist and small bust.
The resulting structural lattice has a surprising delicacy, reinforced by the slender steel pylons that rise through the copse like lissom tree trunks.
The motley crew of sailors, coolies and convicts includes a bankrupt Raja, a Chinese opium addict, a lissom French runaway and a mulatto freedman from Baltimore.
This is a real Coupe de grace - long and lissom, it has a sensuous, flowing profile and one of the nicest rumps you'll ever see on a car, though the jury is still out on the Ferrari-style, gapingmouth grille which is a feature of all Peugeot's latest models.
The Panama-flagged M/V Lissom, carrying 24, 000 tons of rice from China to West Africa, was damaged beyond repair in a fire off Mozambique in January.
30am on Boxing They might laid on lissom participants Scandinavia All in 647000 To make them feel more at home the old system of naming wings ABC and D has been scrapped in favour of place names; Aberlour, Banff, Cruden etc.
18 (245m): Mackem Best, Kilgraney Hondo, Gilly Facky, Lissom Jack (M), Mill Bullseye (M), Ballymac Mozart (W).
Draw for Monday's semi-finals - first: 1 Goa Storm, 2 Drumcove Lad, 3 Comeragh King, 4 Ceroc Swift (m), 5 Lissom Jack (m), 6 Little Reminder (m).
Lissom athletic prowess and grace at its very finest.