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To celebrate National Cleavage Day Lissome Lingerie has created three steps towards perfecting your cleavage in time for Wednesday.
Allowing those lissome limbs to go lumpy would be a tragedy.
On his first album (El Danzon de Moises, Tzadik TZ 7158 [2002], CD), he laid out his musical manifesto: there is a vibrant Jewish musical culture in Cuba (with which he became intimately acquainted as a performer in various Havana synagogues in the 1970s) and someone needed to document that culture's rich mix of plaintive, modal Eastern European melodies and snaky, lissome Latin rhythms.
Naturally, Furey's dark-eyed, lissome beauty reminds many people of her mother at age 20.
Distracted riders - or drivers - are a danger, and while there is little we can do about the proliferation of lissome young things patrolling our town centres on weekend evenings, perhaps our safety conscious law enforcers should have a long hard look at the whole question of hoardings - and not just the sexy ones.
Grrr, I growl to myself as my own lissome gas-stingy vehicle is sideswiped by yet another monster spewing carbon monoxide and taking up way too many feet of curb space in my parking-challenged neighborhood.
But the real Will Allenby--a professor of physics at the college where he and, Rebecca were once students--is not quite the lissome lad with golden corkscrew curls she remembers, but a stodgy, skinny old man who cooks a double batch chili every Sunday, which he divides into seven containers and eats every night for the next week.
Since the race, Ponsonby has been keeping his new, lissome frame in trim by riding out every day at Mick Channon's.
Now, with the publication of Peter Davison's maniacally complete twenty-volume collected Orwell, the topic of Orwell as government snitch has flared again, with more lissome apologies for St.
1 Martina Hingis, no potato-face herself, commands nowhere near the attention of the blonde Muscovite with the lissome legs.
The Tabasco spot, with the booby trap for the mosquito, had more imagination than almost any of them, and the spot for Doritos chips, with the lissome, lovely, acrobatic woman catching chips in her mouth while doing a split, may have been the most pointed - at least it had enough spark to serve as the base of a joke from Jay Leno later in the evening.