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According to a list of appointments from Malacanang, Duterte appointed Melegrito on Aug.
Masing said Wong was keeping quiet when the list of appointments of councillors was discussed at the Cabinet meeting.
Malacaaang released yesterday the latest summary list of appointments, which showed that Jeremiah was appointed on June 3.
class="MsoNormalHe was among many individuals in a list of appointments by President Uhuru Kenyatta and several ministers in a Gazette notice of February 8.
You cannot expect to get the necessary care from a 10-minute visit from someone who has a long list of appointments, and who is paid the bare minimum wage.
Olayan's appointment to head the combined bank's board is the latest in a list of appointments of women to senior management and other positions in the Kingdom.
Mr Chaudhry also asked the secretary establishment to provide a comprehensive list of appointments made in grade 21 and 22 by the federal government.
There was no woman named in the whole list of appointments, prompting the National Gender and Equality Commission to warn it would take action to ensure that women, people with disabilities, the youth and those from marginalised communities are appointed.
Among the list of appointments to board members was the name of a Catholic priest, the late Reverend Father Chris Utov, from Benue State, who died on March 17, 2017.
DJ Koh is president of the company's mobile business, and Roh Hee-Chan will serve as president and chief financial officer at Samsung Display. Hwang Deuk-Kyu will serve as president and head of Samsung China. The full list of appointments can be found on the company's ( website.
Higher Judicial Council head Judge Jean Fahed handed Jreissati the list of appointments Wednesday before the latter approved them without any amendments.
You don't want a list of appointments because you can't keep your appointments.

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