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You will find a few notes upon the matter under the heading B in my indexed list of cases."
The list of cases of major and minor surgery for Pediatric and Adult are: inguinal hernia/hydrocele, umbilical hernia, undescended testis, imperforate anus, Hirschsprungs disease, tumors, abscess formation, fistula in ano, thyroid surgery, breast masses and cancer, gallstones, hemorrhoids, cleft lip and palate, parotid and ENT, and minor cysts and lipoma.
The state police will provide a list of cases that are eligible for expungement, Foxx said.
According to sources, the list of cases and inquiries has been submitted by the accountability watchdog in the Islamabad High Court.
The judge said the court had made a list of cases being adjudicated by the court.
While the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Mian Saqib Nisar argues that no one can tamper upon democracy while he is in the office, the closure of the case will add to the long list of cases pursued against the military for their political misadventures which came to nothing.
'Therefore, considering the importance and vitality of the issues pending before this court in said matters, office is directed to forthwith prepare a list of cases pending before this court in different benches for their decisions within two days positively by the concerned benches after providing due opportunity of hearing to both sides,' it added.
The parliamentary committee on social policy, education, science, culture and health care today has considered the amendments allowing to include suicide into the list of cases of insurance payments to families of servicemen.
The NBU extends the list of cases when businesses can repay early the foreign currency loans obtained by residents from nonresidents.
The volume includes a list of cases referenced throughout the text, as well as a standard index.
The deal comes amid a lengthening list of cases of tax evasion by high-profile players such as Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, whose charges date back to when he coached Real Madrid.
The "list of cases of suspected non-compliance of notified ceiling prices" included many medicines manufactured by major pharmaceutical firms in India.

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