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Here is a list of events for the three-day Harvest Crusades, that will begin Friday at Seaside Park in the Ventura County Fairgrounds.
The following is a list of events in Glendale celebrating June as Philippine Heritage Month:
For more information regarding the Grand Wine and Food Affair and a complete list of events and pricing information, visit www.
Following is a list of events commemorating the 86th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide:
Reporting is available for each project, along with location information, each service request and a list of events tied to the project.
A list of events is available on the Los Angeles County Web site at www.
For a complete list of events, times, locations and tickets, call (818) 464-3300.
In observance of this celebration, Beth Knesset Bamidbar has scheduled a list of events for its congregation.
The redesigned site includes information about ZigBee's initial markets, an updated "Resources" section, and a list of events at which you can speak to Alliance members about ZigBee technology.
IMD's field sales professionals use this single view of customer information--which includes details on IMD programs the customer has expressed an interest in, programs the staff have already attended, details on any virtual learning networks within the company, and a list of events the customer has been invited to and attended--to build their knowledge of individual customers and enhance their sales effectiveness.
It takes place from May 13-16 for full list of events go to www.

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