list of goods

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When she wrote out a list of goods and clothing for herself, to be sent down to Sydney by the first steamer, Sheldon wondered how long she had made up her mind to stay.
The butler ran over an appetizing list of good dishes and rare wines.
Cecilia MalmstrE[micro]m, EU Commissioner for Trade, told the BBC that the items were on a draft list of goods to be taxed.
Contract awarded for Packaging sacks and packages list of goods in lot # 2
The current, complex list of goods and services to which reduced rates can be applied would be abolished and replaced by a new list of products, such as weapons, gambling and tobacco to which the standard rate of 15 percent or above would always be applied.
The list of goods put up for the auction included fittings, bitumen, petroleum oils, barley, cotton lint and others.
Buildings feature heavily in the list of goods and services that are not taxed.
According to the instructions received by the bank on Sunday morning, the list of goods covered by the CBE's sum includes basic food commodities and products, excluding those goods imported by the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC).
Muhamamd Yasir Bazai said that all traders association would be taken into confidence for ensuring official price list of goods including edible items in the city.
The list of goods and services will often need to be adjusted before a trademark registration will issue, but it cannot be expanded after the initial application is filed.
You can find the complete list of goods needed here.
The Kazakh side will consider proposals of the Kyrgyz side and will send a list of goods in respect of which rates of export customs duties may be reduced.

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