list of properties

See: inventory
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The board will provide list of properties situated in Balochistan as well as arrange list of such properties.
Ian Shanks, who part-owns family business Blueline Taxis, has acquired a further four retail units in Wallsend's High Street West, adding to the growing list of properties in his portfolio.
The list of properties can be found on the NRA site at www.
Mr Pitt added: "It is not too late to add your home to the list of properties taking part in the event.
Multimap delivers a list of properties that meet the specified criteria, in order of proximity to the location entered, with such details as address, town, agent and rent per annum, as well as location surroundings.
The list of properties Houley has represented includes 230 Park Ave.
He is leading an effort to have the reef put on UNESCO's World Heritage List of properties considered to be of "outstanding universal value.

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