listen to

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I will not listen to this tiresome music more, nor wear this withered flower longer.
The light and perfume of the flower seemed to bring new strength to Annie, and she rose up, saying, as she bent to kiss the blossom on her breast, "Dear flower, help and guide me now, and I will listen to your voice, and cheerfully obey my faithful fairy bell.
Sir," cried she, "be kind, be clement, listen to my prayer
As on the evening before, the soldier stopped his march to listen to her.
At all events, it will be less wearisome than to listen to chatterers.
According to Buckley, "Students listen to the equivalent of a book a day; talk the equivalent of a book a week; read the equivalent of a book a month; and write the equivalent of a book a year" (1992, p.
Unable to hear, he could not listen to Jesus; unable to listen, he could not speak.
In this study, willingness to listen to music and the level of music education varied in pedigrees.
Many of my male friends, when they were about to get married or had just gotten married, received the advice to listen to their wives.
2% of adults claim to listen to the radio via their mobile phone.
From a cognitive perspective, students reported that they kept revising their comprehension by listening three times; as an affective strategy, they told themselves not to be nervous because they knew they had three chances to listen to the input.