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Zapis Capital CEO Lee Zapis said, "The software we've developed will allow the listener to truly take control of their radio.
I write my farm news in a way that not only keeps producers informed, but also teaches my urban/consumer listeners of the issues facing both farmers and the general population.
Quote: ``Our listeners make it thrilling for me each day.
Our local station managers and online team created a customized auction program that utilized the vast reach of our stations' on-air and online connection with listeners to generate tremendous results for Toys for Teens," said Sanda Coyle, senior vice president, strategic marketing for Clear Channel Radio.
A listener phoned in a little later and said local TV news organizations were refusing to report the story.
Each podcast provides a succinct lesson listeners can use immediately in their daily written lives," says listener Jim Ott, CEO of the UNCLE credit union and adjunct English professor at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA.
That year, AccuHolidays offered listeners five channels of music - a main channel, plus "subchannels" featuring the genres of rock, pop, jazz, and country.
Description: Daily features include dating games, listener calls, artist interviews; forthcoming Star Lounge appearances include the cast of ``Love Boat'' on Thursday.
Downloads are free; and once a listener has subscribed, they will receive the ongoing segments of Creating Wealth on Your Current Income automatically.
They do things a little differently and have a very strong listener loyalty.
A comical and topical talk show, with listener calls, giveaways, news, traffic, weather, sports and entertainment features.
Currently, we are broadcasting over 800,000 podcasts per month equating to over 265,000 hours of podcast programming, and we are experiencing a 20% monthly growth rate in listener downloads," says Jake Fisher, co-founder of Switchpod.