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Instead it was the diversity of their ideas--the varying religious, ethnic, educational, and political causes pursued by the upstarts--that lured measurable numbers of listeners from the mainstream stations.
Dashing the myth that listeners are turning away from the radio in droves, satisfaction is generally high across both genders and all age groups, even teens.
Listeners can participate in promotions and contests from anywhere via the text messaging function on their cell phone without getting shut out by busy signals.
s (MRI) indexes to the American consumer uncovered that TWiT (This Week in Tech) has a 392 Index value for podcast listeners and viewers who have spent more than $200 online in the past 12 months.
Overall, Radio 2 also saw a drop in listeners from last quarter's all-time high, with a weekly reach of 13 million listeners, down from 13.
The station's streaming-audio upstart can't claim as many listeners as 1010 WINS Radio, which enjoys a huge weekly audience of 2.
Ryan Tubridy lost 14,000 listeners to his morning show while Derek Mooney and Gerry Ryan were each down 10,000 listeners.
This may change in the future, but will listeners in rural America pay for specific content that is relevant to their operations and lifestyles?
Today, as the terrestrial radio dial changes faster than listeners can keep track, some 4 million have signed up for XM or Sirius for the sort of specialty programming no longer audible elsewhere (land radio gets 175 million sets of ears each day).
The latest set of radio listening figures released today demonstrate that battle to win listeners in the West Midlands continues to be a hard fought one.
and "Morning Edition" listeners is to develop programs that are slight variations on the originals.
After adult listeners have heard brief spoken samples of a foreign language, they are able to identify new samples of the same language or to discriminate it from other languages.