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While Pat might radically improve the ratings of Newstalk, RTE will still have a higher listenership during the period he is on air from 10am to 12.
His [Tubs'] listenership is stable and loyal and there to be grown CLARE DUIGNAN
The latest JNLR figures for 2fm give that station an 8% average listenership.
In addition, radio's acceptance as a leading source of music discovery and entertainment, driven by creative and engaging presenters, contributes further to its reach across audiences from different backgrounds, and cultural preferences for later lifestyles are driving listenership during evening and night-time.
Breakfast Republic recorded a listenership of 186,000, up 32,000 on last year.
Her show on Homeboyz, Class124, was a big one, with a massive listenership and a huge following, where she always had a lesson or two to offer.
Capital South Wales gained 13,000 listeners, with its weekly audience now 199,000, while Smooth Radio South Wales increased its audience by 20,000 to record a weekly listenership of 75,000.
According to the Gallup Survey Pakistan, the percentage of FM 100's listenership has been erratic at best.
However, there was a re-think just before Christmas before Christmas 1974 and, to boost 1974 and, to boost listenership, a new listenership, a new pop music playlist pop music playlist was introduced.
Newspaper readership has been going down year after year and radio listenership while in an up and down cycle also showed a long-term downward trend.
Station has significant listenership, advertiser support and online presence.
Islamabad -- Information Minister Arif Nizami has asked Radio Pakistan being a national institution to further improve quality of its programs and technical side to enhance its listenership.