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He had an encrypted telephone straight from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TE[pounds sterling]ByTAK) and was the person who supposedly found the listening devices -- in short, Erdoy-an's right-hand man where technology was concerned.
Listening devices that transmit audio surveillance over long distance while drawing very low power output are known as lithium transmitters.
Anderson says that InfraSource never has marketed the listening device and has no plans to do so.
Last, the builder requires two main software programs to convert the computer into a remote-controlled listening device.
Jamie Fawcett, aged 46, was charged in January 2005 with possessing and using a listening device after he was allegedly spotted planting the bug near a sidewalk outside Kidman's lavish Sydney home.
TECHNOLOGY which evolved from Soviet spy listening devices could be used to track patients at Coventry's new superhospital.
It prevents the telephone from being used as a passive listening device when the handset is in the on-hook position.
The discovery that use of a covert listening device was common practice for more than 10 years at theCID complex on the Isle of Man could pave the way for many criminals to launch appeals on the grounds that their convictions were unsafe.
He and others were caught in an operation mounted by the National Crime Squad which carried out surveillance on a gang of men, involving putting a listening device on Xydhias's car.
CELTIC chief executive Allan MacDonald was at the centre of a bugging alert yesterday after a listening device was found at his home.
GERRY Adams is staggered to discover a listening device in his car.
Crain's Chicago Business, a leading Chicago-area business magazine, stated the following in a radio ad campaign: "A listening device configured like a common ball point pen can pick up conversations in a boardroom.