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LISTERS. This word is used in some of the states to designate the persons appointed to make lists of taxables. See Verm. Rev. Stat. 538.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The company recently invested almost PS1 million to give Listers Volkswagen Coventry in Quinton Road a major facelift.
The event, which is taking place at Stoneleigh Park in Kenilworth, will allow visitors to view a range of Listers' marketleading models.
Whereas most films on famous artists are simple hagiographies --many mounted after the fact, often post-mortem, when the auction values of their artworks put their greatness beyond any narrative doubt--Have You Seen the Listers? is as much critique as tribute: a complex portrait of a conflicted central figure.
Lister himself became something of a business pioneer in western Canada.
Two of Listers dealerships located in Birmingham city centre and on the Stratford Road are now have an automated external defibrillator; a device used to help restart the heart of someone in cardiac arrest.
City firm Deeley Construction completed the project, its 20th for Listers, using local sub-contractors.
They both have fond memories of the town''s original Listers shop in Priory Street which closed in 1986.
Terry Lister, aged 75, is 50 per cent owner of the Listers.
Mark's father, who is retired and now lives in South Africa, owned a large Listers store on Priory Street in the late 1970s and early eighties from where he sold curtains, carpets and bedding.
Drivers can make an appointment at Listers Dealerships, to have the ingenious screws fitted free.
A couple of years ago the company invested almost PS1 million to give Listers Volkswagen Coventry in Quinton Road a major facelift.
Mr Newbold started with Listers Group in 1998, working on the Volkswagen and Audi brands, before moving to Seat in 2000, where he worked his way up to general manager.