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The Listing Committee considered the written submissions of the Listing Department and concluded that Mr Chen breached Rule 3.08(a), (d) and (f) for the reasons that:
Abdul Aziz Al Emadi, Director, Listing Department added "Whilst the IR Excellence Programme itself is a new initiative for Qatar Stock Exchange, a focus on improving investor relations for our listed companies is not.
''In the past, (Japanese) companies issuing quarterly earnings were limited to a segment of leading firms such as those listed on the New York Stock Exchange...but as a recent trend, even companies which have not gone public in the U.S., but those with many foreign shareholders or those operating businesses abroad seem to release quarterly reports,'' said Kentaro Hayashi, manager at the listing department of the TSE.
QSE Listing Department Director Abdul Aziz al Emadi said the event"builds on the ground work of prior events and is specifically designed this year to give our listed companies the opportunity to interact with industry experts in the area of IR".
Al-Mansoori and Seetharaman, along with Abdul Aziz al-Emadi, director of the listing department at the QSE, and David Challinor, chief financial officer of Doha Bank, at the investment forum in New York.
Senior VP and Head of the Economics and Listing Department of TASE, Hani Shitrit-Bach,said: "We are delighted for having Frost & Sullivan joint our analysis program, as the firm can leverage its global expertise and unique capabilities in covering and consulting in the broad Biomed and Technology sectors in the most important global markets.
QSE Listing Department Director Abdul Aziz al Emadi said the investor relations websites of Qatari listed companies had seen a 20 percent year-on-year performance improvement.
Abdul Aziz al-Emadi, director of the Listing Department at the QSE, said the new features of the programme will encourage firms to improve on last year's scores by improving the technology, content and service provided by their IR websites.