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Yet Towers were listless against Leicester without him.
This is a recording that rewards repeated listening, but which may strike some listeners as listless and boring.
First were bits and pieces and examples of very early Graham, including such solos from the thirties as Frontier (1935); Deep Song (1937); and Satyric Festival Song (1932); Graham's first classic ensemble, the great ritualistic Primitive Mysteries (1931), in a somewhat listless performance; and the agitprop, poster-art choreography of Chronicle (1936) and Panorama (1935), both of which nowadays strikingly suggest the rarely considered influence on Graham of the German Mary Wigman and even Kurt Jooss.
A listless trickle at my feet, That I imagine any meaning
It holds that over become soft and flabby and that in order to regain our economic health we have to undergo a diet of strict austerity, beginning with the federal budget, whose extravagance is draining vital fluids and leaving us listless and torpid.
The sailors eat the fruit and become lethargic and listless, losing all desire to continue their journey.
President Aristide was faced with the challenge of reversing the effects of pandemic corruption, listless state control of key industries and the deterioration of Haiti's once-lucrative tourist and agricultural industries.
Unable to recover from a listless start, Global conceded top spot to JDT at the end of the first round of the group stage.
On all known form, Dallas should blow away the Cardinals, who are terrible offensively - their only impressive result of the season was a 43-13 home win over listless Denver two weeks ago, when the hosts benefited from six turnovers.
Also, receiver Bobby Engram is questionable with an illness that has left him listless and resting at home.
A listless display against Andorra on Saturday left the Chelsea star pilloried by phone-in callers.