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But since then, the protests have dragged on listlessly, with weary protesters huddling inside their tents or sleeping on the grass verges of the capital's grandest avenues.
You are still sitting at your desk, staring listlessly at your computer, when the phone rings.
The narrative starts meandering listlessly with not much scope for real humour.
Questioning the intent of the Indian team for playing listlessly and without energy, the report said that it is an insult to New Zealand if it comes out that India has not taken the series against them seriously, adding that it also raises doubts about possible corruption in the Indian game.
Where You Stand sees the group, fronted by Fran Healy, sadly lose this knack, with 11 offerings bleeding listlessly into each other.
In Harper's version of Canada, a placated public watches listlessly as basic freedoms are trampled upon white researchers produce studies to validate ruling party positions.
The fleet was drifting near Shark Island with headsails flapping listlessly as crews tried to get every ounce of movement out of their yachts.
Listlessly walks and restlessly drifts humanity and the humane humans.
There were people howling and screaming watching their homes turn to ash, children sleeping on pavements, a mother holding her baby close and silently weeping, and dogs watching the burning building as listlessly as their owners.
But many of the ideas he put forward in the Hampton speech -- a youth service corps, a program to help low-income people commute to jobs, a prison-to-work incentive program -- have never been tried or have been listlessly implemented.
Dead-eyed athletes will be listlessly going through the motions in cold, grey stadiums that are populated only by the condemned ghosts of Seb Coe's dreams.