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But there has been a listlessness about Root for parts of this Ashes opener that suggests the pressure is weighing heavily on him.
The main opposition Nepali Congress, for its part, is able to show signs of life only because of the listlessness of the ruling party.
Most affected rabbits die suddenly, but can show signs of listlessness, lack of co-ordination, behaviour changes or trouble breathing before death.
The functioning of the body deteriorates rapidly starting with heat exhaustion, profuse sweating and listlessness. The skin dries up and cannot perspire to maintain body temperature at a normal level.
It is a little unusual though that after a relatively short period of time, your enthusiasm has morphed into profound apathy towards your job.Reflecting more about your situation may help you fathom your listlessness and find your pulse.
Cutting calories dramatically may lead to muscle loss, reduce the amount of nutrients acquired by the body, contribute to feelings of listlessness, and slow down metabolism as the body reacts to conserving residual fuel.
These can include whimpering or whining, excessive barking or panting, a reduced appetite, lethargy or listlessness and a reluctance or inability to exercise.
Other early signs include apathy, listlessness, confusion, a failing sense of direction, and difficulty following conversations.
But what makes A Body of Work a must-read is the raw honesty with which Hallberg describes the intense loneliness of a jet-setting career, his oscillation between extreme perfectionism and uninspired listlessness, and his harrowing mindset as he faced, and ultimately overcame, what was nearly a career-ending injury.
As one who shares the belief, for me the main reason looking at the recreational interests of our youngsters, including my own, is the sheer listlessness of many within today's generation.
This ruling will presents a potential windfall for the dozens of manufacturers in the segment, and a welcome piece of good news in this climate of global and regional economic listlessness.
On Thursday there was a listlessness about the top seed's play from the start.