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It was this listlessness, this carelessness, that provoked the gasps of dismay.
A kamikaze back-pass by Keith Fahey summed up Pats' listlessness - but there was just enough purchase on it for Barry Ryan to nip in and prevent O'Brien from scoring.
The odd wonky arrangement and a creeping listlessness suggest there's a way to go before PW breaks his writer's block.
It was a big turn around from the listlessness of their first-half football when Mayo dominated and might have been further ahead than their 0-8 to 0-4 interval.
Symptoms include confusion, listlessness, muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat and respiratory failure.
Other early signs include apathy, listlessness, confusion, a failing sense of direction, and difficulty following conversations.
But what makes A Body of Work a must-read is the raw honesty with which Hallberg describes the intense loneliness of a jet-setting career, his oscillation between extreme perfectionism and uninspired listlessness, and his harrowing mindset as he faced, and ultimately overcame, what was nearly a career-ending injury.
As one who shares the belief, for me the main reason looking at the recreational interests of our youngsters, including my own, is the sheer listlessness of many within today's generation.
This ruling will presents a potential windfall for the dozens of manufacturers in the segment, and a welcome piece of good news in this climate of global and regional economic listlessness.