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They are also attended by Literacy Co-ordinators from each of the cluster primaries.
They will also be invited to participate in upcoming activities that support the shared cause of advancing literacy for all.
Flight for Freedom Award (Student) - Marco Hernandez, Marion County Literacy Council
The connection between literacy and peace can be seen by the fact that in unstable democracies or in conflict-affected countries it is harder to establish or sustain a literate environment.
Health literacy (the ability to process health care information) and general literacy (the ability to read and write) are overlapping but not identical constructs.
These include What Principals Need to Know About Teaching Reading from the NAESR and Promoting Literacy in Grades 4-9 from the NMSA.
Because the Channel One program may have real benefits and real costs for students, the program provides an ideal focus for examining the extent to which media literacy training can enhance the benefits and diminish the risks associated with use of the program in schools.
The summit was designed to review the state of financial literacy in California, create a vision of a financially literate California and develop a blueprint for success.
This book, with its abundance of ideas and suggestions as well as background information, provides valuable insight and guidance for any literacy coach, whether the person is new to the position, or is a seasoned coach seeking to further her professional development.
The problem is common, according to Sylvester Pues, a literacy and learning-disability specialist with California Literacy Inc.
State CPA society financial literacy programs, resources (www.
Part of the problem, says Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc, a health literacy researcher and assistant professor of medicine at Emory University's School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA, is the underlying assumption health care professionals have about their patients.