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Accordingly, a literal interpretation of this provision would allow the Arkansas General Assembly to repeal the Medical Marijuana Amendment by two-thirds majority vote in each house.
Literal meaning: He (who) watches others, will come to no good (in the end).
It was found in Table 1, for expository text E1, when the total averages were compared among the variables, it was observed that the macrostructure literal questions (MaL) were higher than the average of the microstructure literals (MIL).
Similarly, the neutrosophic literal components T,I,F can be refined (split) into respectively the following neutrosophic literal subcomponents:
Keywords: Literal Sense, Nicholas of Lyra, Pablo of Santa Nada, Allegory.
De este modo, en los analisis de cada categoria se consideran las valoraciones de burla, critica y literal en funcion del tipo de entonacion que presentaban los items.
As for North Korea, its literal translation of "Morning Calm" suggests a very different picture from reality.
Literal meaning: Cockerels are preys for falcons and hawks, but when the cockerel gets drunk, it forgets about its enemies.
Comparing and contrasting literal and figurative meanings of idioms will enable students to recognize idiomatic usage and to interpret idioms accordingly.
This is the artist's reality and this is maybe a simple definition of the creative process itself; constantly switching between the literal and the metaphor, a binary that can happen thousands of times per second.
Surely it is the literal reading of the Bible which neglects such knowledge and wisdom, and therefore tends to distort our understanding of scripture.