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Literal c) seeks to strengthen management capacities through compliance with management commitments.
Can we call this "literal" interpretation with a straight face?
Accordingly, a literal interpretation of this provision would allow the Arkansas General Assembly to repeal the Medical Marijuana Amendment by two-thirds majority vote in each house.
According to Barrett (968), there are five types of skill categories; namely, i) literal, ii) reorganization, iii) inferential, iv) evaluation, and v) appreciation.
Literal meaning: He (who) watches others, will come to no good (in the end).
It was found in Table 1, for expository text E1, when the total averages were compared among the variables, it was observed that the macrostructure literal questions (MaL) were higher than the average of the microstructure literals (MIL).
Vasantha Kandasamy and Florentin Smarandache [4] introduced the literal indeterminacy "I", such that [I.sup.2] = 1 (whence [I.sup.n] = 1 for n [greater than or equal to] 1, n integer).
Palabras clave: Sentido literal, Nicolas de Lira, Pablo de Santa Maria, Alegoria.
Lo que esta claro es que la ironia nos permite expresar ciertas intenciones y actitudes sin llegar a parecer groseros o desconsiderados con nuestro interlocutor, lo que no resultaria posible por medio de un lenguaje mas directo o literal.
Hanscom, of Auburn, will be signing copies and reading her new book "Literal Lily" on Saturday at Barnes & Noble, 70 Worcester Providence Turnpike, Millbury.
China's province names have either geographical or historic significance, but when translated in their most literal form, some names seem less stately and more ironic.