literal interpretation

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Accordingly, a literal interpretation of this provision would allow the Arkansas General Assembly to repeal the Medical Marijuana Amendment by two-thirds majority vote in each house.
The Salafi mentality is not the only movement that relies on the literal interpretation of religion.
Literal interpretation of the Qur'an would never help resurrect the Islamic civilization; on the contrary, it would destroy whatever civilization we have left.
Christine Butler, Peter Jeffree and Shirley Roach from Casino Hospital brought a literal interpretation to the Abba song 'Waterloo'.
The high point in the percentage of Americans favoring a literal interpretation of the Bible was 40%, recorded in 1980 and 1984.
McKean's art is anything but a literal interpretation of Mmond's story, instead retelling and interpreting the mood through episodic panels that hold everything from simple line drawings to a photo collage to a comic-book-style superhero spread.
The French playwright's poetic couplets are so clumsy and robotic that a literal interpretation would simply sound odd.
Summary: In a literal interpretation of its eye-for-an eye law, an Iranian court orders a man to lose an eye and part of an ear.
Going by the literal interpretation, a person could be sentenced to life under Section 124A for promoting or attempting to promote " hatred", " contempt" or " disaffection" towards the government.
By the time of Avicenna, there are two schools of Islam, the Mu'tazilites, who rejected a literal interpretation of the Qur'an, and the Ash'arites, who favored a literal interpretation.
That literal interpretation means that although "any" of the defendants in the initial class action lawsuit can remove the case to federal court if they meet CAFA's other requirements, a plaintiff who becomes a defendant in a subsequent counterclaim class action cannot.
He rests his position upon the literal interpretation of Leviticus.