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6) This ethical commitment to literalist hermeneutics unites the new atheists with their ostensible opposites.
Yet a central feature of literalist readings of scripture is that they claim to offer the only way to reach the true meaning of the revealed text; all other interpretations must thus be wrong.
Accordingly, for the literalist, the duty of fidelity to the text of the Bible--to every passage and every statement, not only about doctrine or conduct, but also about history and natural science--arises from the fact that, as the word of God, it is both inerrantly truthful and inherently good.
It's an articulate rendering of the world of rock and roll, a loving portrait rendered as delicately and realistically as if it had come from that visual literalist, Picasso.
Dr Ahmed distinguishes between three traditions that have shaped the Muslim world: mystic, modernist and literalist.
Of course, there is another side to Islamism: Islam, like Christianity, has witnessed, from the outset, a struggle between a narrow, literalist and intolerant interpretation in opposition to the intellectual tradition grounded in philosophy and reasoning and in transforming knowledge.
When Fried uses the term theatrical to describe works of sculpture created by "literalist" (or minimalist) artists, he argues that the literalist focus is on presence and the relationship of the object to its audience.
Morell, though, is no more a literalist in his use of the camera obscura than was Vermeer.
We know the pope is not a biblical literalist, or he would believe that Africa was as old or as young as the rest of the continents.
A literalist reading of 2 Kings by William Tyndale and John Foxe, who found parallels between King Josiah and boy King Edward VI, contributed to 200 years of violence in Western Europe, according to Simpson.
No, not the god you and I understand as a universal, non-gendered, asexual, love-drunk energy coursing through all things at all times everywhere without the slightest wisp of prejudice or geographical preference, but that famously small, myopic version, the one that encourages a literalist interpretation of very carefully selected biblical passages--a version that, in short, has been drilled into the consciousness of far too many voters for far too long.
The answer, Simpson concludes, is that the "new, immensely demanding, and punishing textual culture marked by literalist impersonality" has pushed all into rigid postures of persecution and masochism (p.