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Using history and its tools as a modern science, and, at the same time, trying to retort to the Orientalists, Chiragh 'Ali also sought to contextualise the Qur'an, the Hadith and the rigidity of some theologians, from the past and from his own times, who defended their literality as binding on every Muslim, no matter the place or time.
gesture of explosive literality, instead of revealing her breasts, Todd
Traumatic visual images are in a similar way burnt into traumatic memory; Horowitz and others have noted the literality of traumatic images which border on the intensity of immediate perception (Horowitz 1999: 3), making them structurally similar to the bodily wound as un-encoded messages that refer rather than mean and are consequently often accorded the status of a counter- or "phantom memory" ("Phantomerinnerung", Assmann 2006: 221).
According to the influential conceptions of the Prague circle the most important mark of the literary discourse is its literality.
The visual image and the verbal image eschew intellective understanding; although it remains unknown in its literality, the calligraphic scroll masks another, concealed facet of meaning, "understood as the source of a different truth.
Poetry not being an exact science, literality of rendering is altogether secondary to this chief law.
If we think about the meaning making activity involved in our viewing of cinema, its function as root metaphors to which we compare our lives, the employment of film music can offer a spiritual voice amid the literality of the filmic image, the vocality of some transcendental Other, which furthers our conceptualizations of these texts.
text at different levels of literality which derive from one another and
Chapter 2, 'Kinesic Tropes and Action Verbs', explores the blurring of the distinction between the literal and figural in Patience, foregrounding the reader's necessary 'resort to the concrete literality of his sensorimotor cognition and kinaesthetic and kinesic intelligence' (p.
For example, literality of biblical verses on creation ("Let us [God and Angels] make man") pose grave grammatical and theological issues contra God alone as creator.
The apparent thick stroke of this criticism has triggered in turn the anger of some journalists, more sensitive to the literality of the satire than to the reason behind the criticism.
Perched on a slippery cliff, she tempts us to work against metaphor, for literality.