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Indeed, Chan's newest works literalize a sense of impotence, even resignation, regarding art's transformative potential.
It was as if he woke up one day to realize that the metaphors he had attached to his abstract work would make some great images, if he only dared literalize them.
For all their connection to this landscape, Harnischfeger's works do not force pat equations; neither do they literalize sites.
Cooper literalizes the metaphor, through a trenchant analysis of the economics, politics, and personalities of one Caribbean country's attempt to establish itself as a global power in a technologically innovative economic niche.
Other, not necessarily related, takes: The Shining, as revealed by Kubrick's co-scenarist Diane Johnson, literalizes Freud's notion of the unheimlich [uncanny] in making the familiar strange; the movie is a coded admission that, at the behest of the federal government, Kubrick faked the Moon landing photos; The Shining is an updated version of Theseus and the Minotaur, or an exercise in subliminal advertising techniques, or an expose of what film historian David A.
Its answer literalizes the book's title as a poetic exercise: "The straightest went/for ax hafts/turned on a lathe,/the trunk for sash/and door.
writing as an inscription of desire, but How It Is literalizes the
The off-rhyme of "I liked it" and the "taste of her cherry ChapStick" literalizes such forbidden fruit.
Todd Gray's series of photographs of himself smeared in shaving cream literalizes Frantz Fanon's "white mask" in a era where black skin is yet another niche market, while Virginia Nimarkoh's Nubian Queen (1999) drawings appropriate the skills of sidewalk artists both to celebrate and challenge the often invoked desire for authentic representation.
Johnson literalizes the aesthetics of symphonic sublimation to show that the pleasure that the symphony promises to deliver centers on the presentation of an alluring but impossible trajectory.
Pierce admits that he literalizes Foucault's image of 'archaeology' (p.
When Shakespeare uses hunting imagery later in the trilogy--now to describe the changing fortunes of rival English factions -- he literalizes the metaphorical relation between sport and battle.