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The literalized threat of an impending epidemic was conveyed in Truman's opening lines announcing that "the gravity of the situation" confronting the world involved "the national security" of the United States.(4) "Gravity" provided a connotative link between the crisis in Greece and insecurity at home, suggesting the urgency of acting immediately before grave conditions, as yet unspecified, got completely out of hand.
(Not only in their size are they reminiscent of the reliefs of proximate date by John chamberlain, which, in this comparison, become the literalized spatial projections of such refined torn papers.) By contrast, when Rotella thinks big, such as in Pan Am, 1986--a life-size billboard advertisement in three sections spanning nearly two hundred inches, painted over in big broken strokes of blue, yellow, and brown--one sees the degree to which Rotella's gifts were more congenial to an intimate scale.
Hopper's role as a connect-the-dots figure between film and photo, Hollywood and Sin City will be literalized at CineVegas through an exhibit of his work in the festival hub at the Palms.
The historian's ability to perceive patterns is literalized in the novel, and Bradley uses the word pattern, in the interview, in one particularly telling context.
Yet by exhibiting both versions together, Jones cancels out the meaning of each, producing a dissonance literalized by the stars' thin strips of vibrating neon colors.
In the end, the cumulative effect is that everything that was abstract and nightmarish in the original is crudely literalized here.
Turner]; his comment, 'Ah been heah uh long time listenin' to dat heifer run me down tuh de dawgs ...' is a prophetic image literalized in the flood scene in which a confused cow and a vicious dog in combination are the proximate cause of Tea Cake's irrevocable wound.
It's not every day that art's power to hail its percipient--in Pierre Bourdieu's sense of saying, in effect, "Hey, you!"--is so literalized. The six players rotated into new positions along the walls, arranging themselves in postures neither aggressively stagey nor casual; one grouping, for example, quoted Manet's Dejeuner sur l'herbe.
Cauliflower sellers bodypainted stark green heckle from the front row; Ui's alienation from polite society is literalized when he finds himself sputtering alone on the wrong side of the grand curtain.
In a separate room hung a print of the original photograph onto which four layers of the image were cut up and superimposed; also called Looking for time, it literalized the idea of excavating a memory.
But since there's nothing else to advertise in the large, otherwise bare gallery, the work markets only its own reduction, which the artist has literalized by chopping off the final s at the end of the second word.
This connective mesh is literalized in surface patterning and in the repetition of details.