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In the case of linguistic animal traffic, the figure of the animal is literalized to ensure a kind of poetry in motion as if first and forever.
Her repositioning of herself and her readers is highly self-conscious: she evokes an "I" who "actually" moves pictures around in her room, a metaphorical and imagistic rearrangement literalized.
This incommensurability of being is then literalized in his failure to measure out a precise pound of flesh.
Their adventures with the Red Queen, Captain Hook, and the Tin Woodman are literalized as episodes of wild, incesmous, Sapphic, bestial, multifarious sex.
Spong insists that he writes out of his faith commitment as a Christian, not to create controversy: "But where this faith has been corrupted into literalized propositional statements, I have become its exposer and its critic.
Barnum's ownership of Johnson and his quick reduction of him from subject to object particularly reveals Johnson's dehumanized status, literalized in his various display venues; at Coney Island he was placed in a cage, and at the American museum he was, at one point, positioned alongside two snakes and taught to speak what Barnum labeled "jungle language" (Kunhardt, et al.
Brut emphasized nonviolence, love, and forgiveness as the heart of Christ's sacrifice, and so it became ironic that those who literalized that sacrifice became willing to kill in order to safeguard the language of literalism.
These writers, perhaps more memorably by others, illustrate the subversive possibilities of literalized marital metaphors, all of them offering extraordinary scenes in which characters are at the mercy of some literal form of bondage or torture.
14] Less privileged readers made the same literalized association of book and telescope.
Welch, "The Wilder Welty: Lizard Earrings and Literalized Metaphor," "Mississippi Home Ties: A Eudora Welty Conference," Jackson, Mississippi, April 9-13, 1997.
Rather, the composer, serving as his own librettist, literalized everything, leaching the poetry from the prose and turning the narrator Nick Carraway's oddly sentimental journey into something routine and dull.
The final product of their efforts featured a thoroughly literalized version of the disease metaphor Acheson had relied on explicitly to influence Vandenberg and the rest of the congressional leadership assembled at the White House.