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Rather than having the viewer add a personifying adjective, Scott literalizes the descriptions: Two rectangles, one positioned horizontally before the other, become, in Scott's painting, a stick of butter beneath a bedsheet watched over by a piece of bread.
Unlike its predecessors projected directly on the wall, the angry surface is presented as a rear-screen projection on a freestanding screen within an installation of tall, black-painted plywood cutouts of moss-laden trees, which literalizes the puppet theater sources of Walker's approach.
Rarely venturing beyond a palette of black and white or grisaille, Simpson literalizes the signifiers of race.
Knowledge of the title not only provides an occasion to look back into the painting with a completely different set of eyes, but also literalizes the limits of the medium and representation more generally.
And Mary Kelly's Circa 1968, 2004, her projection portrait of faceless soixante-huitards onto compressed lint, literalizes Walter Benjamin's dustbin of history to reflect on the relative materiality of the past and its image.
Metaphoric but more than that, the device literalizes the underlying experience of the relational problems Kruger is addressing.
Marvelous indeed, cautious but fearless, Los Angeles-based Brazilian artist Nicolau Vergueiro's lively and complex work literalizes and materializes his musical interests to the point where they become a nonthematic structural foundation.
Their project Cult of the New Eve, 2000, for instance, literalizes the salvational rhetoric often found in propaganda for the biotech industry by enacting the rituals of a cult dedicated to sacraments of transgenic beer and wafers.
Back on the tarmac, Dawson not only literalizes the picture plane in Newark International Airport but makes it serve his particular time warp.
Now "d" and "I" predominate, as in the key word "daedal" itself, which appears unexpectedly in this supplement to the text proper; the word literalizes Steinberg's theme of intricate invention, through to the book's outermost margins.