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just as language and revelation are joined without tension in the original, the translation must write literalness with freedom in the shape of an interlinear version.
The horror!" of our literalness, of our modern disease as an unfinished, actual process: over-simplification.
Analyzing prophecy's characteristic literalness and obscurity, Poe illuminates a method not only of analyzing the accomplishment of prophecy, but also of anticipating its continued unfolding.
Maher saves his heaviest armament to attack the literalness of the Bible and uses the virgin birth as a source of humor.
While it has its defenders, that feature--Trumbo's first and last directorial effort--is in many respects a good illustration of the "unfilmable book equals unwatchable movie" principal, dramatizing the source material's stream-of-consciousness with heavy-handed literalness. Smith's solo stage version preemed Off Broadway in 1981, winning an Obie for thesp Jeff Daniels.
In "A Metaphorical Jew: The Carnal, the Literal, and the Miltonic," Linda Tredennick defends Milton's allegory of Sin and Death by claiming that the defining characteristic of Protestantism is an overwhelming sense of sin that can only be alleviated by excising the Jewish traits of "legality, literalness, carnality" (132).
By exposing the absurdity behind the search for ultimate reference to selfhood in art, Adal challenges the notion of literalness by stretching it to its limits.
The literalness with which Pugin went about his medievalism was both romantic and impractical and went vastly beyond anything Newman, and later Ruskin or Morris, ever suggested.
In the first part I present the main tenets of deconstructionist and poststructuralist translation approaches, paying special attention to literalness, the translation strategy they advocate within this conceptual framework, the text as an unclosed totality, the primacy of the signifier in the translation of the linguistic sign, the instability of translated meanings, and Venuti's concept of the translator's invisibility rooted in Berman's effacement du traducteur.
If one chooses to translate with ostensibly faithful literalness, one will have to face the wrath of those who insist on the creative aspect of translation, on the fact that translation is a new creation, the original having come to life as such only through the medium of the translation.
This being the first attempt at translating the entire text of an indigenous East Asian Buddhist sutra commentary into English, he risks erring on the side of literalness.
Her face is rendered with the literalness of video.