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There is something about literalness, then, that strikes the governess as "hideous," "vulgar," "common," and "almost ugly.
Materialism here signifies neither an imagined state of demythologized pure literalness, nor the (equally fantastic) pure bedrock of economism, but rather "thinking's attempt to do justice, both ethically and cognitively, to the qualitative complexity of experience" (55).
This spiritual quest, it must be said, is a markedly sensual one: Gilbert is a ladies' man as well as a monk, seeking out with striking literalness what Auden calls "the hermit's carnal ecstasy.
Modernity, the author realizes, has distracted the young Jewish mind from faith in Judaism and belief in the literalness of the Bible.
For Himes, merely to pursue the Constitution in its literalness, in its radical simplicity, constituted a revolutionary task.
Although there are passages of great beauty in her version (most notably in the letters section) the overall effect is literalness resulting in a stilted translation rather than one that is evocative of the original's imagery and flights of fancy.
He criticizes not Smollett's realism--the thesis that documentary literalness is a necessary consequence of the novel's (and the familiar essay's) social focus runs through Lectures on the Comic Poets--but the absence of an accompanying critical reflex.
Shocking only for its literalness, the work, if not all warm and fuzzy, supplied interesting takes on narcissism, aging, and sexuality.
Maher saves his heaviest armament to attack the literalness of the Bible and uses the virgin birth as a source of humor.
The variation in the degree of literalness between the versions may also indicate the involvement of more than one translator: both al-Hajjaj versions follow the Arabic less literally than does the Ishaq translation.
A third feature of autofiction, as established by Vincent Colonna, is the identification, at differing levels of literalness, between the author and the narrator.
This being the first attempt at translating the entire text of an indigenous East Asian Buddhist sutra commentary into English, he risks erring on the side of literalness.