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These visually and literarily interesting counterpoints spice up the standard cookbook format of introduction and recipe.
com)-- "I wish I could say the day I died was just another ordinary day so it would appear more literarily dramatic.
Do we have a large amount of preexisting material in Judges which has been literarily and theologically woven together by the editorial insertions of the redactor?
In its contours, this collection demonstrates performance studies done historically and literarily.
These differences manifest themselves literarily, she claims, in these two authors' works.
Literarily, Ali Ahmad Said, who uses the pen name Adonis, never budged.
In his younger days he worked in a variety of fields, literarily, as a 'jackroo' (farm hand) and tree surgeon and went on to become a chauffeur and even a cross-country ski instructor.
Martin that takes the reader on a truly impressive visual journey into the world of cranberries that goes quite literarily from the marshes where they grow to some truly nutritious and delicious cranberry cuisine.
Taken from the political vocabulary of the 19th century, the Abendland, literarily "the country of the evening," is the place where the sun sets - "the West.
Ideals need to be seen and felt more than explained literarily.
In this regard, a more rigorous definition and reference to "the political" and economic would help define the material conditions under which texts are produced, discursively, literarily, and socially.
Overall, the assortment of elements and genres is less than successful; however, teen girls will overlook the flaws as they engage with the spunky convolution of these two literarily inspired heroines.