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We have traced an evolution, subtle but distinct in outline, in the forms of Florentine civic celebration, including new poems by literarily sophisticated and able poets, set to music written by professional composers, among them Heinrich Isaac, and sung in parts by trained singers.
Moreover, literarily, it is impossible to make sense of the later report (second edition, 2 Kgs 23:13) that Josiah destroyed Solomon's high places for Ashtoret and Chemosh unless the whole point of this passage is that Solomon in fact built them (in 11:7).
But the demands of the narrative also trouble the book, both literarily and intellectually.
Chapter 6, "Rehabilitating the Family," recounts post-Thermidorean legislative as well as artistic efforts to shore up the family, legislatively by dismantling radical legislation of an earlier period, and literarily in the more widespread depictions of a benign domestic sphere inhabited by nice fathers and mothers.
One can detect this in Matthew in two prominent ways: literarily, Matthew's Son-of-David christology provokes more sustained opposition from Jewish leaders than any other major christological strand; and, overall, Matthew contrasts the humility and meekness of the life of Jesus Son of David with the glory of his future coming as the Son of man.
We believe literarily there is a living prophet on the earth today.
Squeezed out of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon - and recently Iraq, after Saudi Arabia put its weight behind talks with top Shiite figures - Tamim finds himself literarily toothless in Arab politics, denied the ability to solve problems throughout the region - but still capable, however, of stirring havoc and chaos.
"I went home with my thigh literarily pierced and I stayed like this till I heard about a woman who treats the injured from a YouTube video," said Abd El-Khalek.
Makuei in announcing his candidature has asked those with a short memory to remember of times when he literarily bailed SPLA/M out of jail.
First, a culturally and literarily oriented reader would probably look for some help when he or she tries to understand the poems.
Instead, he deploys a revised Viconian notion of "poetic geography" that comes to Shakespeare already deeply figural, already literarily charged with more than the merely literal.
59-64); Edward Greenstein showing how even the genealogical lists of Genesis can become literarily interesting (pp.