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Dix was an enthusiastic (but non-nationalist) volunteer, and displayed remarkable psychic resilience during his service: his letters from the front are both cool and literarily composed, at one in spirit with Jiinger's Storm of Steel rather than Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front.
Form and content coalesce in da Cunha to literarily write the Brazilian land, this time from the perspective of a Brazilian.
In the introduction he explains how the cross-pollination occurs, per Pascale Casanova, via litterisation ("the operation by which works from a literarily deprived country come to be regarded by the legitimate authorities as literary" (xxi)).
See the late Don Juds A Master of Surprise: Mark Interpreted (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1994) for a carefully nuanced and literarily sophisticated interpretation of Marks surprise ending, which seems to have served as an open invitation to well-meaning ancient faithful to fill in the blanks of the Gospel writers abrupt and seemingly unfinished sentence, which ends with the conjunction "gar" meaning "for" or "because.
Thus, in Daphnis and Chloe, clever Longus lures his reader into that certain smugness that comes from feeling more literarily sophisticated than the novel's naive characters but ultimately deprivileges this position, thrusting his reader very much into the role of aggressive urban voyeur.
By engaging the difficult choices Dunbar was compelled to make, both literarily and socially, We Wear the Mask models the type of scholarship that will continue to provide fresh and valuable insights into Dunbar's life and work.
The brief relationship with Synge of course translates literarily to an improportionate percentage of Molly Allgood's total years and experience.
We wanted to show that we were culturally [and] literarily respectable," said Pick.
For example, Joachim Paech suggests that "there is no intermediality between literature and film; there is one only between media narrating literarily or cinematically" (335).
102 one of the most literarily distinguished public schools in the city system.
Or even to the more literarily cadenced, syncopated lines of: