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Miller's analysis, thus, escapes the question of whether or not the same specific reasons and characteristics he finds for the ethical potential of literature, literariness, or the "literary" as such could not also claim validity for the ethical potential of other media.
Moreover, the employment of positive methodology gained scientificity but made the discipline deprived of literariness and aestheticism.
Let me go one step further: against the backdrop of the differences between narration and description, it becomes possible to draw an analogy between lists and literariness. This is another pair that suggests a dichotomy, given the practical usage of lists in everyday life.
Despite these issues, Unique Legacy as a whole offers an important meditation on the literariness of the pulps, their place in interwar modernism and periodical culture, and much on the significance of Lovecraft and Howard.
Many have criticized this approach, partly because it uses a very narrow notion of literature, leaving large areas undiscussed, partly because the focus on plot simply misses the literariness of literature, which was for a long time and maybe still is the object of literary criticism since its foundation as modern academic discipline by the Russian formalists.
For Bell it is significant form, for Jakobsonit is "literariness"; for Shklovsky it is ostranenie (defamiliarization).
Emotional vividness enhances the literariness of Marshall's and Naylor's memoirs in that this criterion has been considered as one of the main features that distinguishes a literary text from a non-literary one.
In her first chapter, Sponsler observes that Shirley did not include markers of performance within the body of the text (such as costumes, gestures, staging), tending to emphasize the "literariness" of Lydgates dramatic works, rather than their theatricality, perhaps converting them into texts for private reading that could have been produced specifically for the Beauchamp household in the 1420s.
He made it abundantly clear to the white liberal establishment that dominated Literary Studies at the time that he was not prepared to conform to the demands of literariness as defined by university professors.
Not only the light and 'literariness' of the words, but also its stageability.
The essays of the second section describe literary developments outside of the Latin sphere, especially, the relationships between English, Italian, and French, following the assumption that these languages shaped medieval forms and ideas of literary genre and 'literariness'.
3, Some texts are born literary, some achieve literariness and some have literariness thrust upon them.