literary artistry

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Socialism and the Literary Artistry of William Morris.
The twelve essays that follow, however, demonstrate that this claim is not so simple to substantiate because Harris is a popular (which, in academic-speak, means trivial) novelist, because Harris has sold so many books that discussing his literary artistry seems unnecessary, and because Harris--a recluse who gives few interviews to reporters, admirers, and scholars--need not care about his literary reputation.
Dietrich, who is not further identified, begins with the biblical account of the period, focusing on the earliest layer of narrative, and pointing out the literary artistry already visible there.
Instead, both genre considerations and literary artistry need to be identified to find here a strategy to position the construction of the temple at a great epochal turning point similar to that of the exodus event.
The Washington Post noted that "Follett may not be Tolstoy, but he knows how to tell a compelling, well-constructed story," and the Seattle Times commended Follett for not indulging "in high flights of literary artistry.
Not only are the subject and theme refreshing, but they are rendered with a literary artistry that is indeed rare in semi-autobiographical works.
While giving full due to traditional scholarship, she also brings in recent approaches that are more attuned to the particular social setting of the shapers as well as the subjects of the text, and to the literary artistry of the Bible.
The volume serves a dual purpose: to honor this incomparable woman who lived only to serve others, and to introduce her works to those who have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy her literary artistry.
The poetry comprising this enthusiastically recommended volume of her work have been drawn from seven previously published collections and are especially noteworthy for their lyrical language, the emotional impact, and their literary artistry.
She presents a detailed comparison of Giacomo's vita to other vitae Helenae to demonstrate his literary artistry, illustrating his innovation in framing his hagiography as a symposium, albeit one that departs from classical precedent.
A chapter even explores current films on Jesus to show how filmmakers take liberties and to argue for Luke's similar literary artistry.
Her two-hour, 22-song concert was full of the kind of passion, Southern pride and literary artistry that has made her one of the most critically acclaimed singer-songwriters of this generation.