literary artistry

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The esteem in which other writers hold MacLeod's literary artistry is recounted there by its editor, Douglas Gibson:
Instead, having made a good case in her 2004 book that the literary artistry in this Gospel reflects a thorough knowledge of the conventions of Greek tragedy, she demonstrates again and again how the religion, literature, traditions, and rhetoric of the Hellenistic world offer points of contact with this Gospel that clarify it and open its mysteries to new light.
Again, Hand applauds Collen's mastery in combining literary artistry while conveying a political message.
He is the writer who most incisively and insistently comments on the moral and metaphysical infrastructure of literary and critical art, while having the most exuberantly appreciative appetite for literary artistry.
Instead, both genre considerations and literary artistry need to be identified to find here a strategy to position the construction of the temple at a great epochal turning point similar to that of the exodus event.
The Washington Post noted that "Follett may not be Tolstoy, but he knows how to tell a compelling, well-constructed story," and the Seattle Times commended Follett for not indulging "in high flights of literary artistry.
We read nothing of the literary artistry of Olsen's intensely poetic, nautilus-structured explorations of the slipperiness of memory, and the power of personal, maternal, political, and ideological passions.
The twelve essays that follow, however, demonstrate that this claim is not so simple to substantiate because Harris is a popular (which, in academic-speak, means trivial) novelist, because Harris has sold so many books that discussing his literary artistry seems unnecessary, and because Harris--a recluse who gives few interviews to reporters, admirers, and scholars--need not care about his literary reputation.
Dietrich, who is not further identified, begins with the biblical account of the period, focusing on the earliest layer of narrative, and pointing out the literary artistry already visible there.
Today, the drawings, preserved in five acid-free drop-front archival storage boxes, serve as quiet testimony to a talented visual artist's appreciation of the literary artistry of Thomas Wolfe.
The poetry comprising this enthusiastically recommended volume of her work have been drawn from seven previously published collections and are especially noteworthy for their lyrical language, the emotional impact, and their literary artistry.
In her densely-researched book, she offers an account of the ways in which popular understandings of literary artistry and technology informed one another.