literary forgery

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In revisiting the most famous literary forgery of the twentieth
While Malone explicitly linked literary forgery and fraud with political imposture by radicals, Coleridge (familiar with the 1794 treason trials) knew that political imposture by governors could also be construed as forgery and fraud.
By connecting the two famous yet fundamentally dissimilar offences, Mary Lamb's matricide, the true circumstances of which are still rather shrouded in mystery, and William Ireland's relatively well-recorded literary forgery, which substantially differ in their nature as well as in their social and legal consequences and implications, Ackroyd composes another layer of the palimpsest composed of numerous attempts to provide their plausible and historically accurate narrative accounts.
Literary forgery is prompted by multifarious motives: the literary ambition of Thomas Chatterton can be balanced by the commercial ruthlessness of Thomas Wise; the historical and erotic fantasies of Sir Edmund Backhouse by the delicate 'butterfly books' of Frederic Prokosch.
Examining James's work through the prism of the author's late style, these 11 essays address such topics as the Henry James revival of the 1930s, women in James's works, literary forgery, and parallels between James and Margaret Oliphant.
Ruthven's vision of literary forgery as both a 'cultural intervention and a symptom of the culture into which it intervenes' (p.
According to Groom, the study is an attempt to put "poetry back into literary forgery, and forgery back into poetry," or, to state it less grandly, to move forgery from margins to center by redefining it as an artistic creation rather than as a simple matter of the law.
Farrer (1849-1925) published the classic account of some of the most famous forgers in his still highly important Literary Forgery, a book, alas, with no list of sources but nevertheless replete with scholarly details not discoverable elsewhere.