literary person

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Much as a literary person in like circumstances would begin, absent-mindedly, pulling out volume after volume, so she stepped into the garden in order to have the stars at hand, even though she did not look at them.
Advani spoke about the importance of Indian languages and how, despite being a writer, he does not consider himself to be a literary person.
But I decided I wasn't actually a very literary person.
Why has she endured as a literary person and an icon?
I am not a writer, nor a literary person, but the mental torment I endured in the name of the caste system from being born into untouchable society has imprinted itself on my sensibilities.
And Maitreyi Pushpa is a very well known literary person.
It was a seminar on life of noted literary person Akbar Haideri which was organised by Aziz Hajini and Rukhsana Jabeen (Director AIR Srinagar)," said the cleric, reported Press Trust of India (PTI).
The more-low brow content of the gossip magazine might seem an unlikely attraction for a literary person, but Daneet loved it.
The idea was not so much to put me in my place as to raise the host's status to that of very, very literary person.
He was one literary person who did keep hitting his message for himself, alone and against the very hands that once made him wealthy, famous and sought after.
The disappearance of both of these forms of literary person was, in short, very productive.
I have about 30 or 40 folders for them to see me as a literary person.