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One can even find the two combined in the same volume, and it seems that those who could would try to attain both scientific content and literary style.
com)-- "Bulls, Bands, and London" follows the literary style of Meyer's previous book, "Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy," but with a new adventure and new characters inspired by true events from the summer of 2009 in London and Pamplona.
William Shakespeare's Star Wars is a hilarious creation that combines knowledge of Shakespeare's literary style with a retelling of George Lucas's Star Wars--in the style of the Bard.
This book's considerable achievements, though, are marred by Guelzo's literary style, as well as by his apparently irresistible romantic urge to add one more panegyric to the epic of Gettysburg.
When approaching the above-mentioned heart of this collection's subject matter, the reader may gradually understand the relevance of its literary style.
In French, Taia's literary style is not particularly well-developed, and Stock's translation renders it in its, at times, flat and unwieldy state.
Disabusing the reader of any staid notions of what constitutes literary value, Beam makes a persuasive case for a legitimate female literary style that emphasizes what she calls "highly wrought" language and imagery.
Ken Worpole will develop the themes of his essay on George Garrett in his 1984 book, Dockers & Detectives, in the light of more recently published Garrett writings, concentrating on Garrett''s intense, spare literary style and its strong sense of social justice.
He is instead recommending that we use literary principles when we interpret scripture: that we recognise that some books are poetry, others are history; that we know and apply the historical context of the writing; that we attend to the literary style, etc.
By the end of his life, Twain's literary style was less about poking fun at hypocrisy and became more direct and embittered.
This classic work was originally published in, 1966, and retains the look and literary style of the time, with a profusion of line drawings as the illustration.
Books were selected for achievements ranging from literary style and innovation, entertainment value and readability, to timeliness and treatment of subjects and themes.