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Each new generation of Pakistanis is more literate than its predecessors:
4 million people literate through its 164,190 adult literacy centers and non formal schools which include 90% women, she added.
Literate mothers stay more in schools of their children and they are more involved in the education of their children (Benjamin, 1993).
It also shows the comparative status occupation wise of the literate and illiterate respondents.
The Philippines was one of the 30 least financially literate countries in the world, with only 25 percent of adults aware of the basics of managing their money.
adults living in poorer households are financially literate.
Israel (68%), Canada (68%), the United Kingdom (67%), the Netherlands (66%) and Germany (66%) are also among the most financially literate countries in the world.
The contradiction between what it means to be literate in today's world and the pressures of high stakes testing is causing frustration for many teachers as they try to force children who have been born into a multimodal world to adopt and learn old understandings of what it means to be literate.
So does this mean that if they are not computer literate they are going to be denied benefits?
A child's sense of being literate can affect what that child learns and how he or she learns it.
For this a totally literate society aware of one's own duties and responsibilities should be established.
To our surprise, the most populous and culturally-reputed cities in America did not rank among the most digitally literate.